From the Oberalppass via the source of the Rhine to Airolo in Ticino

Walking-tour from 6th - 8th August, 2004

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The day started with sunshine, but unlike the previous day it stayed like this all day long. In 3 ¾ hours we walked down the valley Canario to Arirolo in Ticino. From above we could make out the endless line of cars in front of the St. Gotthard tunnel. What luck that we wanted to go back by train.
After a pleasant walk we arrived in Airolo early in the afternoon and boarded the train on time (how could you expect differently in Switzerland!). In Göschenen, Kerstin and Bernhard left us. They intended to go to Grenoble for another few days of hiking, while Pascale and I went directly back to Germany. We both had to go to work again the following day.
We had a wonderful weekend tour and we are sure, that this was not the last one.

Monte Basodino
in the distance

Descent from
the Cadlimo Hut

View over the
Valley Canaria to Ticino

Upper Valley Canaria
and Bornengo Pass

Bearded Bellflower
Campanula barbata

Six-spot Burnet
Zygaena filipendulae


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