From the Oberalppass via the source of the Rhine to Airolo in Ticino

Walking-tour from 6th - 8th August, 2004

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So it happened that one day I found myself standing with Pascale, Kerstin and Bernhard on the Oberalppass at a height of 2044m. We wanted to walk to Airolo in Ticino, which most people reach only by car or train through the St. Gotthard tunnel. We intended to walk there in three days, crossing the massive of the central Alps.
On August 6th we started in Germany, stayed in Göschenen at the foot of the Gotthard massive for the night and went by train to the Oberalppass the next morning. Crossing the Pazola Mountain, we wanted to hike to the Badus hut beside the Lai da Tuma (which is the source of the river Rhine). After a two hours' walk we reached the peak of Pazolastock at 2571m and there we took another trip to the plateau of Rossboden at 2836m, to stroll down afterwards to Badus hut at 2505m. It was early August and therefore we still found a great many blooming flowers, and also the weather was satisfactory. When we reached the hut, Pascale and Bernhard couldn't resist the temptation to test the temperature of Lake Tuma. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to show you these photos because of censorship.
When we reached the hut again, it started to rain heavily. Yet we managed not to get wet that day. The rain was so heavy, that the host of the hut invited two women who were camping nearby to stay indoor for the night. Apart from us there were no other guests.

Start at the Oberalppass

2 1/2 hours to
Badus Hut

Ascent to the
Pazola Mountain

Spotted Gentian
Gentiana punctata

Purple Gentian
Gentiana purpurea

Moss Campion
Silene acaulis

Creeping Avens
Geum reptans

Andermatt and the
valley to the Furkapass

In the depth
the Oberalppass

Panoramic view from
Pazola Mountain

Lai da Tuma
and Badus Hut -left-

Alpine Asters
Aster alpinus

Pedicularis rosea

On the way to
Rossboden Mountain

Rossboden Mountain
2.836 m

In the depth
the Maighels Hut

Sempervivum tectorum

Trumpet Gentian
Gentiana acaulis

Lai da Tuma
- spring of River Rhine-

Cotton grass -Eriophorum-
at spring of Rhine

Badus Hut
2.505 m

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